Church Remodel


We would like to begin construction by early summer and we'd prefer to have the funds raised by then.

Current Progress - (updated September 9th, 2015)


Goal: $152,500.00


The church recently received a very generous one time donation of $16,410.00 to go to our capital improvement fund. This recent donation brings up the capital improvement amount to $73,400.00. This amount is not noted in the donation bar above but is earmarked to go toward this project. We will hopefully be turning in for permits soon and would like to start construction as soon as possible. We will need most of the funds before we can comfortably start the project.

Note: Paypal charges a 2.8% fee for all donations.

Foyer Expansion

As shown with steeple.

Associate Office

This is located in the rear northwest corner of the sanctuary. PDF of the addition: Layout 1

New Bathrooms

The bold lines show the location of the expanded basement under the foyer extension. PDF of the upgraded bathrooms: Layout 1

Awnings for Exit Areas

Add ceiling fans to sanctuary

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Note: Paypal charges a 2.8% fee for all donations.